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The following facilities are provided at Aark Foundation rehabilitation center.

  • Exercise and Yoga Sessions
  • Physical fitness is of equal importance as mental fitness. We conduct exercise and yoga sessions in the group therapy area to encourage our patients to be physically healthy and fit.
  • Nutritive and Hygienic food and Filtered water
  • All the meals for a day are served a comfortable environment of dining area. special meals on festival days & special occasions.
  • TV, Music Systems
  • Centers has LED TV in common hall. Patients enjoy watching news, TV serials and movies together in this area. Weekly one new movie is shown giving all patients joy of watching latest films and music.
  • Huge Play Grounds
  • Aark Foundation has two playgrounds. Outdoor sports like cricket, volly ball, etc are played on the grounds in groups with staff members available around.
  • Library & Reading Facility
  • we have quality collection of reading material made accessible to our patients during their leisure time after 4.30pm.
  • 12 step program of Alcoholic/Narcotic Anonymous
  • Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) is a global organization that was created, and is designed, to help former alcoholics through the process of learning to live their lives without the crutch of alcohol abuse. People who attend AA groups have made the decision to stop drinking and stay sober.
  • Special Detox treatment
  • Detox is the primary step to begin the treatment for any such facility. Center has Detox facility in place with trained paramedical staff.
  • Regular Visiting Doctors and Psychiatrists
  • We have all qualified Doctors d Psychiatrists working with us.
  • Lectures and Counseling sessions
  • Five days a week affective and powerful lectures are conducted by visiting and resident counselors. Two to Three Counseling secessions per patient per week are conducted.